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Name: Rin Asano
Age: 17 18 (at best guess - canon is vague. She's spent over a year in the Port, so a birthday has been in there somewhere. Estimated May 21st: Gemini.)
Height: 5'0" - at best guess, canon provides no info.
Weight: ~110 lbs - at best guess, canon provides no info.
Identifying Marks:
Rin is a fairly average girl, without many significant scars or extremely identifying features that she cannot hide. However, she does have some distinctive marks. One is a scar low on the left side of her belly, located in such a way that it might be mistaken for something left over from a C-section. It's quite faint.

General Appearance:
Refer to her icons, for the most part - Rin is generally an attractive and fine-featured girl. Her dark hair is usually pulled either into twin braids with rings at the end, or pulled away from her face in a bun or nowadays in a ponytail or clip. She lets it down rarely, and appears to be somewhat older when her hair is loose. She's slender, but underestimating her strength or endurance because of her small size and apparent lack of muscle would be a mistake. She's stronger than she looks, heavier than she looks, and quicker than she looks.

Usually, in the Port, she can be found in modern dress, tending to long skirts and leggings, blouses, some t-shirts and sweaters and sweatshirts to pull over them. She dresses somewhat conservatively, aiming for comfort, often with layers. She has slender fingers and hands that are a little scarred up, not unattractively so but souvenirs from practicing sword work (although she's not all that great at it).

Generally, Rin is very expressive, as well - her body is basically one big emoticon, and for characters who are skilled at reading emotional in most situations she's an open book. Her eyes are large and intensely expressive. Under pressure, however, she can become much more opaque, and her time in St.Edelweiss has left her far more avoidant, less likely to make eye contact or stand confidently. Generally, she moves diffidently, preferring to fly under the radar and not really be noticed by others (close scrutiny is unnerving to her). She does her best to walk like she knows where she's going even if she doesn't actually. When angry, her posture improves.
See this for her English voice. Rin comes in at about 3:20.

Rin has no native powers besides those given to her by the Core. This power is the power of stealth - not necessarily the same as invisibility, though it can be expressed the same way.

What does this mean?
Basically, it means that Rin can go invisible - but at its height, her power is more than that. It's not merely that she turns herself invisible. What her power relies on is strong psychic misdirection, a don't look at me impulse that she broadcasts more or less according to her will (at least these days). It's backed up by her willpower, which is considerable, and she's honed it considerably since she first discovered the whole thing thanks to Shiroe. At times, before he made her aware she was going invisible, she would actually trigger her power without being aware of it.

As it grows more potent, her power will develop as well into more than a simple visual misdirection: it's a psychic shield and misdirection as well, impelling those who might have sensors out and even those who might be searching for her to skim right over her without realizing what they're doing. Eventually, the stealth power will extend to this psychic shield, as well as suppressing her from other kinds of sensing with the same misdirection impulse.
What are the limitations of this power?
Well, the one that's simplest to explain: machines and machine sensing aren't susceptible to psychic misdirections. A security camera will still pick up her presence, and someone watching a feed of said camera after the fact will still see her. Adding that step of remove that technology gives an observer is a real hindrance to Rin.

Otherwise, limitations come down in large part to the will of the person searching for Rin, whatever foreknowledge they might have of her location or presence, and how many people (as well as how strong are the wills) of those who are looking for her. Stealth is her power, but that doesn't necessarily mean she can just stand out in the open lazing around while ten people determinedly look for her and be just fine. Her determination is exceptional, but Rin is not the only person in the Port with a strong personality. Even one very determined person looking for her can cause problems with her power.

To expand a bit more on this, intention also makes a difference when someone is looking for her. If even a strongwilled person has no idea that she's present in the area, they won't be looking for her, and her psychic no-fly zone would probably just skim them over her. Again, if a strongwilled person was looking for her, and she was nowhere near them, even if she had the stealth up it wouldn't necessarily make a difference to the overall strain she felt or the effectiveness of her cloak. The equation comes down to determination and distance in a lot of cases.

Besides this, using the stealth power for long periods at a time is a mental strain for her as well. To use it to strongest affect, she has to concentrate on the power, and eventually it becomes taxing. She can't sleep or really allow herself to become preoccupied with too many other things while she's carrying on the stealth power.
Combat Proficiency & Tactics:
In all honesty, Rin... kind of sucks. At swordwork. She'd probably be way better off going into kickboxing or something.

That said, she IS quite quick on her feet, resilient, and determined - at one point in canon, she gets her shoulders dislocated like three times in a row and keeps on trucking. She's also the kind of girl who'll dislocate her own thumb to escape being tied up to go on to help her bodyguard. She's slender, but the girl can take a beating.

Rin IS distinct in the series in that she usually carries something of a small arsenal into battle, in the form of her throwing knives (though she gets called out on the attack being fairly ineffective, and it's a valid criticism).

At the Port, she's building up a small collection of knives and sharp goodies yet again. When casually out on her own, she usually has some concealed weaponry on her person. When at school or work, she goes unarmed, as generally it's... frowned upon to be armed... at school or work.
Special Items:
Her family heirloom sword Kutoneshirika, received at Christmas. The scabbard is golden and carved ornately. It's not very sharp, and currently she pretty much lets it sit safe in her room at the boarding house.
Maid work at Uzushio Ryokan in Sector 6. She likes it well enough; the pay is good and it gives her something to concentrate on. She carries knives concealed evil while on the job.
Living Situation:
Minako's boarding house! In Sector 4, where she also goes to school. She likes living here and being around other people her own age a lot. As of Minako's death, the boarding house has been left to Rin.
High school in the mornings! I'm going based off of my own experience; school starting at 7:30, and ending at two. After that, afternoon shift at Uzushio. She's usually worn out by the end of the day, but still has time to wander around, do things, and get into trouble somehow between all that.
Body Language:
Self-contained. Rin does not go out of her way to draw attention. She carries herself well but tends to avoid eye contact, and will become tense under direct, sustained, intense scrutiny. For people who are skilled at reading others, she's a highly expressive person and generally an open book as well. Tension can be read in her hands and her shoulders as well as just her face.

Personality Sketch:
A crouching moron hidden badass, budding determinator and practitioner of waif fu on a good day, Asano Rin is also genuinely a nice girl. Expatriate from a canon with a strongly black-and-grey morality, she's also not necessarily as nice as she seems.

Rin is both deeply compassionate and forgiving of people (she can't even kill Anotsu, who ordered the deaths of her parents and let his men rape her mother, when he haw lockjaw - she helps him, instead) but there's also ruthless streak buried under the compassion: if someone she truly cares about is threatened, Rin can bring it to the table.

Most everyone starts on a blank slate with her, and she's an intense observer of other people, always interested in how they're thinking and what makes them do what they do. Even killers have a chance to make a good impression on her; all the people Rin is closest to in canon have killed, after all. Everyone gets a chance with her, as bad as they might necessarily be. It means bad things happen to her sometimes, and it's not that Rin doesn't feel these things; she's intensely sensitive, actually. Everything hits her. Everything painful hurts her. But she's also deeply resilient and persistent, and has a lot of hope in people, in spite of talking pessimists' talk at times. She's adaptable and intelligent as well - not a perfect girl by any means, but with an amount of compassion that connects her to other people, be it fortunate or not for her personally.

Vital CR:
   Jack Kelly cowboy_newsie; Positive:√√√√- Negative:√√--- Trusted:√√√√√ Fidelity:√√√√√
She didn't know him especially well back in St.Edelweiss, but she thought him a good man then and continues to think so now. His recklessness worries her, though. She trusts him in spite of that, at least to do what he thinks is right, and would go out of her way to help him. At this point, she also quietly harbors seething resentment for him, mostly due to feeling replaced by his new friends in the Port. She would not tell Jack about these feelings because she doesn't want to upset him and deal with the resulting arguments.
   Yuffie Kisaragi wutaisrosegirl; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√---- Trusted:√√√√√ Fidelity:√√√√√
Again, not someone she knew the best back in St.Edelweiss, but a valued friend and ally now. She would put Yuffie's benefit ahead of most other people's, and would go out of her way to help the girl if she could.
   Nami namiwasheretoo; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√---- Trusted:√√√√√ Fidelity:√√√√√
Not Rin's closest friend from St.Edelweiss, but nevertheless an upbeat and cheerful girl that Rin would like to see doing well.

   Allen Walker payingthepiper; Positive:√√√√- Negative:----- Trusted:√---- Fidelity:√√√--
A young man with white hair and an unusual arm. Rin has him pegged as potentially being another escapee from St.Edelweiss, though he doesn't remember it. She has very positive almost-memories of him, though, leaving her softly disposed towards him anyway. He seems to care a lot. She likes that.
   Chane Laforet; stoicloyalty; Positive:√√√√- Negative:----- Trusted:√√--- Fidelity:√√√--
A mute young woman to whom Rin offered lodging. Quickly, and somewhat unexpectedly, Rin has come to feel rather protective towards her; Chane seems even more lost and confused than Rin does sometimes. She will continue making kind overtures towards the quiet young woman.
   Maya Fey acemedium; Positive:√√√-- Negative:----- Trusted:√---- Fidelity:√----
WHAT AN ENERGETIC YOUNG WOMAN. Rin finds her amusing, actually, and thinks she's a rather sweet girl who has a good heart. She's certainly always talking to people cheerfully. Rin chewed her out for trying to bullshit too obviously too. She hopes someone is looking after Maya well.
   Miles Edgeworth mentis_reae; Positive:√√√√- Negative:√√--- Trusted:√√√√- Fidelity:√√√--
A man that helped her when she first arrived, a pillar of the newcomer community, and possibly a fellow inmate at St.Edelweiss - although he can't remember it. Rin worries at his tendency to attract trouble, but she'd do her best to help him if he needed it.
   Sam Merlotte deservesabone; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√---- Trusted:√---- Fidelity:√√---
A former free barowner, shapeshifter, and now a slave at Uzushio, he has caught Rin's attention for his importance to Edgeworth and she feels some concern now for how quickly Sam seems to have accepted his position as a slave (though she does not yet suspect Madarananigans). Because she likes Edgeworth, and Sam is Edgeworth's friend, Rin has some concern for Sam as well, besides just liking him. She wants to see him get free again.
   Shiroe Rei Seki zealouspeter; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√√√-- Trusted:√---- Fidelity:√√---
If Rin wasn't Rin and Shiroe wasn't Shiroe, they'd probably have admitted to being friends by now. As it is, she does like him, she enjoys the intellectual challenge he presents, the word games he plays, and the banter, but he makes her a little nervous too. He's a pestery little brat, but sort of like a little brother at this point, maybe. In a way. Ugh, don't make her admit it.
   Shizuo goesberserk; Positive:√√√√- Negative:√---- Trusted:√√√√- Fidelity:√√√√-
Someone that she counts as a good friend, out of all the people she's met in the Port. He lives in the boarding house too and has a temper, but he's always been patient and kind to her, and Rin has responded well to his acceptance. She'd go out of her way to help him if able.
   Sirius Black atrumcanis; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√√--- Trusted:√√--- Fidelity:√√---
Jack's new friend, and Rin's somewhat by extension as well. She likes him and feels warm towards him, is very happy about what he's done for Jack, but he also intimidates her a little and it doesn't seem like he's ever sad - she feels dull and colorless and nervous next to him. Still, a friend of Jack's is a friend of hers. He'd command her loyalty if he needed it.
   Sora locknkeyblade; Positive:√√√√- Negative:√---- Trusted:√√√-- Fidelity:√√√--
Another passionately goodhearted young man not put off by Rin's being taciturn or difficult. He seems very kind, patient even if he doesn't always think things through fully; it's won Rin over to some degree, at least. She enjoys conversing with him.
   Tifa Lockheart meteor_heart; Positive:√√√√- Negative:√---- Trusted:√√√-- Fidelity:√√√--
An even-tempered woman who has been talking kindly to Rin for some time now, her persistence has paid off in that Rin has opened up to her to a degree, and also approached Tifa to allow the older woman to confide in her. Rin knows she can be difficult, and she appreciates Tifa's kindness. The woman feels something like an older sister.
   Yako Katsuragi topslug; Positive:√√√-- Negative:----- Trusted:√---- Fidelity:√----
Yet another young woman who has reached out to Rin with an open heart - most recently, invited her for a day at the spa. A little luxury treatment sounds nice, so Rin accepted. She doesn't get bad vibes from Yako and their easygoing conversations make Rin smile. What more do you really need?

   Madara Uchiha forefather; Positive:√√√-- Negative:√√√-- Trusted:√√--- Fidelity:√√---
He claims to be a relative of Sasuke, which is what attracted Rin's attention in the first place. He's also her boss - Rin entered his employ mostly to keep an eye on him and see what kind of person he was for herself, and so far she's not really sure. He's smart, and she enjoys that; he's helped her, and she's grateful. But she's a wary girl these days and he seems like a man with an ulterior motive too. That's enough to keep her wary. She does like that he can take care of himself, though. It's nice to not have to worry about someone. He also manipulated her with genjutsu'd cherry trees, and although only innocent cuddling took place, Rin is MAD. Or maybe just her dignity is stinging. Time will tell.
   Phibrizzo brat_from_hell; Positive:----- Negative:----- Trusted:----- Fidelity:-----
A little boy who lives at Uzushio, apparently under Madara's care. Rin has not had much to do with him yet; so far she is basically completely neutral to him. Since at heart he is an evil little bastard, this might eventually change. Or not. The bugger's manipulative.

No one has... made it here yet, in a particular personal way!
Patience, kindness and persistence will prompt good responses from Rin. Surprisingly, though, the most important of these might be persistence: she's more withdrawn than she used to be, and it takes kind of repeatedly being prodded before she gets the idea that someone might want to talk to her.

She's honestly, desperately, miserably lonely, though, which doesn't help when she's so starved for company and people who'll talk to her, listen to her and challenge her that she'll take just about anyone who takes a kind-seeming interest in her. The extreme wariness reflects this - she knows she's emotionally vulnerable, and if there's one thing Rin hates, it's that. Being weak, being susceptible to manipulation. It doesn't do her a lick of good.

Wariness and the compulsive craving for company and human contact are the two forces right now that work at odds in her head. She's a tough girl, she'll figure the way through eventually, or at least find enough people that she finally will relax a bit. It's that or get an ulcer, probably, so let's hope it's the first.
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