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Jack Kelly→cowboy_newsie
Another man from St. Edelweiss, a patient promoted to staff. Rin and he weren't the closest of friends while they were in the asylum but they've gotten nearer to each other in the Port, aided by having some mutual understanding of what the other went through simply by dint of being there. Rin thinks of him as a good, brave man, though she worries for his recklessness, and she's very glad he's there and safe.
Sasuke Uchiha→revengeisbetter
Another from St. Edelweiss, and a rather constant source of worry for Rin, for his solitude, his tendency to fall into dark moods and brooding, his strange family members that keep turning up, his... everything. Sasuke is not stable and it prevents Rin from putting her trust in him entirely, but he is family of a sort and she does care for him deeply, and would go to his aide without hesitation. He's also teaching her sword work.
A lawyer who helped her immediately upon arrival to the Port, and possibly identified as a former patient of St. Edelweiss, though he doesn't remember any time there (and Rin doesn't mind that. He's probably better off forgetting). He seems to work tirelessly in defense of newcomers, and he's been very kind and respectful to Rin, somehow managing to become one of her emotional anchors in the Port. She trusts him quite a bit for Rin, and has become quite forthcoming with him because of that.
Frankly, Shiroe scares her a little - terror is her default state, but he even manages to sharpen it. He reminds her of someone she can't place, someone that she didn't trust, too smart to be comforting and too mean to seem reliable. Sometimes he can be okay, but more often he drives her into fits of silence. That, and he also draws out some of the emotion that she's working so hard to suppress, and that makes Rin uncomfortable. UPDATE: the nervousness and aggravation has softened somewhat now, as Shiroe has come to respect to a degree that she really doesn't like being pushed into corners, and they're... somehow a bit softer on each other, maybe? He's certainly inquisitive. Rin kind of wishes he'd stop trying to make her talk about stuff, but she doesn't regard him as a scummy brat any longer (at least, not completely).

He's still really obnoxious.
What a quiet boy. A smart one, too, and one of her immediate sources of assistance in the Port upon first arrival. He's not very demonstrative or forthcoming with personal details, but Rin actually does like him - he doesn't pry too much into stuff she doesn't want to talk about, but he's smart and good to have a conversation with. She plans to help him with investigation into the Port itself, too.
He's either really strange, highly intelligent, or both. If Rin ever said this kind of thing she'd say he's fun to talk to. Since she doesn't, it's just an exercise in mental acuity, and in staying ready to run.
Madara Uchiha→forefather
aaaaaa what aaa what even aaaaaaaaaaaaa Rin needs... an adult?!! Maybe?!?!?! He suggests they are friends, which sort of blows Rin's mind but is not wholly an unwelcome suggestion. Also he's her boss.
Sarina→Laughing Beauty→deceptive_lulz
She's nice! A female soldier? Well, that certainly piques Rin's curiosity. She seems sweet too, and Rin could certainly always use more friends.
Sam Merlotte→deservesabone
A newcomer, and a slave at Uzushio, which is where Rin met him. A kind man, though Rin feels sorry for him (and is sure he wouldn't really appreciate the sentiment, so she tries not to show it any too much). He helped when Madara got sick. She's interested in more conversation with him.
Yosuke Hanamura→outbursting
A nice boy! A fellow resident of Minako's boarding house! And someone who is going to help her explore the city. He seemed shaken by her suggestions about the unreality of home. Rin will remember to keep it toned down. He also has an interesting power known as a Persona, which Rin wants to see.
Sirius Black→atrumcanis
Jack's good friend and roommate, a tease and a troublemaker too, as well as a charmer who took her for a ride on his flying motorbike (fun when she wasn't having much of it - Rin remembers!). She's grateful for the good changes he's wrought in Jack, but concerned for the troubles they bring upon themselves and she thinks (privately, so far) that sometimes he gets a little bit unpleasant with the pranks. Overall, she does like him though, and general feelings are positive.
Shock and glory, someone met in the Port that Rin considers to be a good friend. He has anger issues but he's always been kind and gentlemanly as these things go to her, so the point is moot to Rin - she trusts him, anyway, and is grateful for his conversation. She's a bit worried that he's seemed to attract some really unwanted attention from one of the companies, though...
Character Name
Character Name

dearly departed→
Mail "Matt" Jeevas→loadsavedgame
 A relic from St. Edelweiss, Rin was half in love with him at one point and cared for him deeply. He's gone now, but she knew he died at least twice before, and Rin has resigned herself to not thinking about it. Matt had the lives of a cat, and either way she just doesn't want the pain.

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